Tour to the Lake of Cacique Guatavita Legend of “El Dorado”

We will visit Lake Guatavita, one of the most important sacred site of the Muisca indians. The legend says, that the chief of the Muisca tribe, known as the “Zipa” would arrive, covered with dust, on a raft “Balsa Muisca”, with his treasures. After throwing the gold and precious stones into the lake as a symbol of adoration; then the “Zipa” would immerse himself in the water, as a part of the ceremony. This is the famous legends of 'El Dorado'

The tour begins in "New Guatavita we will take a walk around this picturesque village", where you will have the chance to buy some traditional handicrafts and take some pictures.

Then we will go to the “Lake Guatavita”, during our time at the lake, we will walk around the rim of the crater from where you can see the lake in its entirety and take in the incredible view of the countryside of the Savannah of Bogot'.

Tour Details


Not included:

*A private driver for up 5 hours