Assistance in planning your trip to Colombia.

Before coming to Colombia we’ll send you information and suggestions about places and activities that you can choose according to  your needs.

Hotel Reservations

We will suggest places to stay (location, children’s interests, purpose of your trip, prices , etc.) and we will make the reservations accordingly.

Airport Reception

Qualified personnel will welcome you to Colombia and assist you at the airport (luggage claim, airport reservations or delayed flights).

Introduction to Bogotá.

Halifax personnel will visit you at the hotel and give information as how to get along in Bogota, they will provide maps, tips and suggestions, and answer any questions you migh have.

Personal Guide Tours

We offer tours in Bogota or outside Bogota with English speaking guides.

Special Assistance

We support visits to special places (Children’s homes, lawyers, ICBF, Hospitals, etc.) upon request.

Children’s Support

We provide information for children's activities. (amusement, parks, museums, babysitters, etc.).

Medical Assistance

In case of an emergency we follow you to the hospital or contact a qualified Doctor.